We're filmmakers, photographers & writers living out of our backpacks. We tell stories that matter & we're traveling the world to find them.

Matty spent the past few years traveling to the most remote corners of the U.S. filming stories about the impacts of climate change on human lives – families in Arkansas rebuilding in the aftermath of an oil spill, a small town in California’s central valley running out water in the midst of a four-year drought. He documented the United Nations conference on climate change in Paris, where 188 countries committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, and flew over the Alberta Tar Sands, giving voice to a First Nations community living downstream from one of the worst ecological disasters in the world. Before that, Matty worked to re-elect President Obama in 2012, creating campaign videos across the battleground state of Wisconsin and filming countless celebrity surrogates including Olivia Munn, Ben McKenzie, Kal Penn and Michelle Obama.

Sindha excels at big, unconventional ideas & crafting the stories that persuade people of them. She cut her teeth at Hampton Creek, the world's fastest growing food company, where she pitched & launched an entrepreneurship project in Liberia to offer economic opportunities to young women at risk of being trafficked, produced a New York Times print ad series that joined 1.3 million readers in dialogue with the CEO over the company's mission, and ate way too many chocolate chip cookies. Her next gig landed her at environmental PAC NextGen Climate, where she wrote & produced election-cycle persuasion ads starring talent such as Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman. Sindha is fascinated with her fellow humans and loves to help people get closer to strangers through her writing & photography.